What is TonePrint? - TC Electronic's Tore Mogensen explains

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TonePrint是绝对与众不同的效果音色。 这是经典的 TC效果移植到我们的TonePrint系列单块、BG250和BH250。这不是简单的预置, 我们有所超越。这是横空出世的最好的定制音色。所有细节参数、旋钮范围及具体数值都垂手可得。


OK, I have a TonePrint pedal. Now what?

Well, they sound excellent right outta the box, they produce some stellar effects right out of the box. So there's that. But the cool thing is that the signature artist versions are available to everyone, for free! The artists we work with have been so generous as to share their sounds with people that dig their work and people that just want to try some different effects.

Sweet! How do I get those sounds?

You can load them into you pedal via USB - but why not rock like you're on the Enterprise and simply beam the TonePrints through our awesome (yes, we're biased, but it's pretty cool) and totally free TonePrint App for iOS and Android. It has a great UI and it's library allows you to find TOnePrints fast and easy by grouping them by product or maybe an artist that inspires you - you can even favorite TonePrints so you have instant access to them.

I play guitar - tell me more about TonePrint

I play bass - tell me more about TonePrint