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Cinema-quality Stereo to 5.1 Upconversion

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UpCon is a state-of-the-art upconverter that gives you absolute peace of mind that your transmission is always optimized for 5.1 HD TV.

We have combined uncompromising upconversion and downmix in a single, high-density rack unit.

UpCon continuously monitors the channel format of the incoming audio, and if the signal falls back from true 5.1 to stereo, it seamlessly cross-fades into a convincing 5.1 surround upconversion without adding any interruptions or artifacts.




  • Cinema-quality Upconversion

    The Finest Path from Stereo to 5.1. Period
  • Uncompromised Downmix

    Unparalleled Stereo Downmix Compatibility
  • Loudness Transparency

    Consistent Loudness Across 5.1 and Stereo

Cinema-quality Upconversion

Our UnWrap HD algorithm is the go to upconverter for film and mastering professionals.

The sheer sound quality you achieve during upconversion is unrivalled and can be heard in countless cinema movies and music tracks.

UpCon is based on UnWrap HD and shares its ultra low latency as well as its overkill processing resolution, always delivering unparalleled and convincing 5.1 content from a stereo source.

Uncompromised Downmix

When you downmix, one of the main factors to consider is the 5.1 source itself. A 5.1 signal generated by UpCon translates better into stereo than one made by any competing upconverter regardless of whether you let UpCon handle the downmix or it happens at the end-listeners' top set box or TV.

This is essential to broadcasters that generally transmit 5.1 signals, but receive commercials in stereo, or air newscasts relying on signals coming in from around the world - some in 5.1 and others in stereo.

In short, with UpCon in your signal chain your downmix will be optimized no matter what. 

Loudness Transparency

Many format converters will output a significantly different signal in terms of perceived loudness compared to the source, but this is not the case with UpCon - the upconverted audio is loudness transparent.

Broadcasters often need to stay within certain boundaries according to regulation or recommendation and by letting UpCon handle the conversion from stereo to 5.1, you can stay compliant regardless of the signal's channel format.

Redundancy & Reliability

UpCon Rack

It does not matter how well a transmission unit does its job, if it is not completely reliable. 

We're serious about being fail-safe. Not only have we given you what you would expect - dual fans and dual fuses - we've also packed UpCon with dual power inlets. You are now virtually risk-free of losing power while on air.

We are aware that UpCon is inserted at a very critical point in your audio signal path and that it is an 'always on' type of unit that needs to deliver a non-stop performance year after year. Should the unlikely event happen that UpCon loses power, rest assured that your transmission will go on thanks to the Relay Bypass feature that passes your stream directly from input to output no matter what happens. 

Further, if one of the power sources fail, you can be notified using GPIO or SNMP traps.


  • Dual Power

    For Independent Power Sources
  • Dual Fuses

    Double Up on Fuses
  • Dual Fans

    Two Low Noise Quality Fans
  • Relay Bypass

    Just in Case!

5 Versions: 1, 2 or 3 Streams & AES Balanced or Unbalanced

Bone All

We're aware that some broadcasters prefer to pass just the audio signal through their channel format converter, while others want to pass the full SDI stream. That is why we're offering an expandable SDI version as well as two 16-channel AES versions (Balanced and Unbalanced).


  • SDI I/O or 24 Bit AES/EBU I/O (Unbal. AES3id on BNC connectors (75 ohm) or bal. AES on SUB-D connectors).
  • Auto Relay Bypass - To make sure your transmission will never be interrupted.
  • 'Freewheel' Safety Belt - Should sync be lost, Loudness Pilot relies on the latest known sample rate at a staggering 96 bit precision.
  • 24/7 Stability and Consistent Output - Day to day predictability for an absolute minimum of downstream carrier inconsistencies
  • JET Jitter Reduction - We invented the unsurpassed JET™ technology and obviously integrated it with Loudness Pilot.


Learn More About the Hardware

TCP/IP Ethernet Control

Remote Control over ethernet from PC or MAC

DB6 Multi Broadcast Audio Processor

UpCon Hi-res Audio UpConverter

Loudness Pilot - Multiple Stereo Loudness Controller

Other TC Electronic broadcast devices such as DB4 or DB8 MKII

Icon Remote software running on PC or MAC

• Easy setup of multiple devices

• Detailed control of all algorithms

• Loudness Radar Meter Display

• 24/7 logging

Standard Ethernet

Automatic Input Detection, GPI or Metadata


UpCon is based on our DB6 platform and gives you the same extended control possibilities. Ease of use is key and it can detect the incoming signal channel format automatically.

In case you want more manual control, UpCon also offers extensive GPI control, or you can configure it to react to incoming metadata.


True Value

Cost-Effective, High-Density, Audio at Its finest.


Artifact-free Cross-fade between Bypass and Up-conversion

Automatic 5.1 Detection

Automatic Detect and Engage Up-conversion and Down-mix

Always have 5.1 AND stereo

Regardless if the input is 5.1 OR stereo, you can always have 5.1 AND stereo

GPIO and SDI Metadata

Engage format conversion using GPIO or SDI metadata

SD/HD/3G SDI, Relay Bypass

Supports latest SDI standards up to 3G: 2.97 mBit/s, 1080p, 3D(2x1080i). Auto relay bypass. 


Simple Network Management Protocol. SNMP trapping lets UpCon send out messages such as warnings thru ethernet to an SNMP application. Vice versa, UpCon can be remote controlled from an SNMP application.

True Redundancy

No compromise, long term field-tested PSUs. Dual inlets, dual fuses, dual fans. 

Up to 24 Audio Channels Simultaneously Processed

With a fully loaded UpCon, up to 24 audio channels can be simultaneously processed.

100BaseT Full Duplex Ethernet

Standard ethernet control. A second port for daisy-chaining, allowing a high number of units on one network.

Audio At Its Finest

24 bit transparent, fully synchronous I/O, 32 bit and higher internal processing.

Ultra-Low Latency

Ultra-low latency = No need for frame offset.


Supports coded transmission like Dolby E or Dolby AC3.


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