UnWrap HD Original

UnWrap™ HD

In a perfect world, all music recorded over the last fifty years would be available on multi-track tape formulated to last for centuries. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect.

Professional Stereo to 5.1 Up-conversion
In case the source tapes are in a useable condition, the best way to take full advantage of the original material is most often by performing a full remix. However, there are reasons why you would sometimes prefer to up-convert stereo or Lt/Rt material instead:

  • A Classic Mix Is too Sacred to Touch.
  • There Is Not Enough Time or Budget to do a New Mix.
  • A Multitrack Source Tape in a Bad Condition.
  • Sound Effects Have to be Spread to 5.1 for Cinema Presentation or HD Broadcast.
  • An Up-converted Version can be used as a Benchmark when Remixing.