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Soren Andersen is a Danish guitarist, producer and songwriter, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works as a touring guitarist for Glenn Hughes and Mike Tramp. He does most of his productions in the Medley Studios, which he co-owns. He has worked with artists such as Artillery, Jay Nash and Baal

Søren Andersen was destined to become a musician. He grew up in a home stuffed with musical instruments, and at age 8, he picked up the guitar – he never let go! Right after grade school, Søren headed out for a career as a professional musician, and that’s all he's been doing ever since. Today, he tours with Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Mike Tramp (White Lion). Further, he has built up quite a reputation as a producer, and he is a co-owner of the ‘Medley’ studio in Copenhagen where he has played with and/or produced for e.g. Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Straitjackets, etc.), Tommy Aldrige (Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, etc.), Artillery, Oliver Weers and Jay Nash.

Søren is a heavy user of TC Electronic products, and we asked him exactly what he uses as well as how he came across those products in the first place. “For my guitar rig, I use G-System, Nova System, Nova Drive, Octa Screamer and TC-Helicon’s Voice Tone Create, and in the studio, I use TC Electronic’s TDM Production Bundle for Pro Tools that includes the amazing reverb algorithms from System 6000 MKII,” Søren says and continues. “In my book, TC Electronic has always represented the best of the best, so I have always used lots of TC gear – from my Stereo Chorus Flanger pedal back in the 80’s to my current Nova Drive. TC Electronic is also responsible for the fact that I find it almost impossible to play without presets today – they have simply become part of my performance. Part of the explanation is probably that I am also a producer as I put a lot of effort into making my guitar sound as ‘correct’ live as it does in the studio. Whenever I switch sound, it needs to sound right – levels, no noise, no cuts of reverb or delay tails, etc. G-System and Nova System can do that, and that’s why I love them so much! Also, I never mix an album without using TC Electronic reverbs as they’re simply the best on the market!”

We also asked Søren which functionalities he liked the best. “Programmability,” Søren says promptly. “The programmable drive of Nova Drive and Nova System is unparalleled. Rather than having 3 drive pedals, I can do with just one and still have unlimited creative possibilities.” Since Søren is to be considered a ‘TC Electronic super user’, we asked him if had any ‘secret tips & tricks’ that he’d like to share. “Yes, plenty!” Søren replies. “Solder a stereo jack connector to a potentiometer in a Cry Baby pedal to make G-System’s Wah-Wah effect sound absolutely amazing. Another trick is to use Nova System’s Pitch Block for Slap Delay effects, which will allow you to use both a long tap-tampo delay and a slap delay in the same preset. Finally, try using the compressor in G-System as a booster before a drive. Choose ‘sustainer’ and set it to a slow attack and not too much compression, but plenty of level.”

Finally, we asked Søren if he has a certain philosophy or approach to music in general and what he has coming up in the near future. “Well, I consider every gig the last in my life! Never play like you don’t really mean it – you never know who’s in the audience! Also, I simply try to enjoy everything that music gives back to me, it is an essential anchor point in my life and it always will be. As for composition, if I have written a piece of music that I really like, it doesn’t matter that much whether others like it too. And when it comes to producing music, I don’t believe that there's such a thing as the ‘correct’ mix. It’s a matter of taste, so I just produce and mix music the way I like it, but I recognize that there are plenty of other solutions and that none of them are ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. And the future? I leave for South America with Glenn Hughes in December, release a solo album in early 2011, go to NAMM in January 2011 and, finally, I have a summer tour around Denmark with Mike Tramp in the calendar!”

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