March of the Bees TonePrint by Michael Shuman

'March of the Bees' is the creation of Queens of the Stone Age bassist, Michael Shuman. This TonePrint brings a synth like sound to your Shaker Vibrato to add an element of dark ambience to your tune.


Sound examples by Uriah Duffy

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Michael Shuman March of the Bees Toneprint

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Having talked to Michael Shuman during our TonePrint session, we came to understand that he generally liked to play the bass in its standard settings in terms of effects. He says “in recording settings I like to screw around with a lot of stuff but when you have 2 other guitar players it doesn’t really call for much bass distortion or bass effects.”

Despite not using effects much he did claim to like fast vibrato sounds that sounded like a moog synth and is exactly how Shuman’s ‘March of the Bees’ Shaker Vibrato TonePrint turned out to sound like.

Shuman explains that he, in general, likes having a high cut and a piercing synth sound and requested we boost some of the highs. It had to be a bit more aggressive. This gave him the sound he was looking for as he exclaims, “it sounds pretty evil…it’s very much like an old analogue synth. There is some kind of 50’s sci-fi sound to it.”

Why ‘March of the Bees’ you may ask? Shuman simply says that the TonePrint “sounds like a bunch of bugs”. Simple and to the point.

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