Triple Vibe Vibrato TonePrint by Michael Britt

For the ultimate swirl try Michael Britt's Triple Vibe Vibrato. Using three independent vibrato effects at the same time, this TonePrint will give you a rotary sound unlike anything you've heard before


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Michael Britt creates a triple vibe shaker vibrato TonePrint

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TC: What got you into playing guitar when you first started out?

Michael: To be quite honest, it was Kiss. When I was in 6th grade, the Destroyer album came out and everybody wanted to be Kiss – it was it! Then I heard Eddie Van Halen after that, and as I got a little older I got into Mark Knopfler and Stevie Ray Vaughan. So it was between Stevie Ray, Van Halen and Mark Knopfler. Everybody else is part of them somehow anyway.

TC: In regards to your pedalboard, can you describe what is on it and what the signal flow is like?

Michael: I usually use a compressor pedal which doesn't do a whole lot, but it just smoothes things out, and it's really more valuable for using in-ear monitors. It just kills some of the transients so you can have a more consistant tone in you in-ear monitors. So I use that and a couple of gain pedals, and they change daily. I've also had different chorus pedals and delay pedals, and the Nova Delay was my stable for a long time when it came out.

TC: Are you the kind of guy who is always happy with your sound, or are you always searching?

Michael: I feel I'm always happy with my tone. You could ask anyone, and they will probably say that I sound the same now as I did three years ago, even though everything has changed gear-wise.

TC: So you are not a tweaker, you would rather just plug in and go?

Michael: Pretty much. My basic sound is usually just guitar and maybe a compressor and a gain pedal and an amp. I use these for color in the songs, but typically, ninety percent of the time it's very dry. I use delay as my tool and I almost always lock it to the tempo of the song.

TC: Now that you have tried them, what do you think is the single coolest thing about the TonePrint pedals?

Michael: The fact that we are able to taper the feedback differently than the depth. It makes almost like three different pedals in one box, and I don't think you can do that with any other pedal. And I know that these are my sounds, the ones I would go to, so instead of finding a pedal and having that one spot where the knobs sounds good, I can dial in my two or three favourite chorus settings and have them all in one pedal. There is not just one spot where it sounds good.

TC: Have you ever been tweaking a pedal and come across a sound that inspired you to write a song?

Michael: Kind of, but I think they've always been derivative of something else. Maybe I'm going for a sound and stumble across something that I think sounds like U2 and it makes me want to do that.

TC: Would you rather have a pedal with a thousand knobs on it, or do you prefer to just have a couple and you are good to go?

Michael: For me, simpler is better. It's fascinating and great to look at alle those parameters and be able to change them all, but in the heat of battle you want as few things that can go wrong as possible.

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