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30+ And Just Warming Up

The SCF pedal is the TC Electronic epitome of awesome. It was a smash hit when it came out and then naturally progressed to an industry standard unlike anything after. Still used in every pro-studio and on countless pro guitarists' pedalboard, the SCF's beautiful sounds continue to define music.


  • Chorus/Pitch Modulation/Flanger mode 
  • Mind blowing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Used by countless pros including

Headstart Through Progress

The SCF sounds need no explaining. Sweet, glorious and ultra-musical, these effects don't just react to your playing, they become part of it. And not only that, this pedal houses three different effects: chorus, flanger and pitch modulation (vibrato). And to this day, we hand craft SCF pedals in Denmark just like we did 33 years ago - we like keeping them close to heart.

Design Defies Dates

The circuitry of the SCF is rock solid and the whole pedal is in fact designed specifically to do what you want it to do with as little noise as possible. We're not gonna get all nerdy here, but we dare you to find a 33-year-old pedal with as good a signal-to-noise ratio. Which means no annoying hiss, hum or other distractions.

Spread the Joy

We love guitarists. We don't really care if you are a bedroom shredder or the reincarnation of Django Reinhardt. If you're into playing and tone - we think you rock. But, there is no denying a fair share of famous guitarists use our SCF pedal. Can we namedrop for a second here? Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa and John Petrucci would be a good place to start and there's many more...

Backstage Pass - All Access

Dialing sounds could not be easier then with SCF - this thing sounds good no matter what you do with the knobs!


From lush slow swirls and beautiful chorusing to fast Leslie-like tones, this knob dials it up in mere seconds.


This determines the width, the spread of the sound ... man it's tough to describe sounds! Look: we're on our way to your house right now with an SCF to demonstrate. Fire up that half--stack


Switch instantly between lush chorus, sweeping flanging and warbly pitch modulation.


Multifunctional knob that determines the mix in chorus mode, feedback in flange mode and in pitch shifter mode, this knob mixes in an increasing amount of effect.

Input Gain

Set the signal coming into the pedal to match you guitar perfectly for unparalleled tonal clarity or boost the signal for that extra little oomph.

SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger's Resume

  • Chorus/Pitch modulation/Flanger mode
  • Mono Input to Mono or Stereo Out
  • Bypass control that allows you to bypass the effect via any external relay switching system
  • No wall-wart - plug straight to power outlet


Artists Using SCF Stereo Chorus Flanger

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