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NAMM '09: RH450 presented by BASSIDA aka Ida Funkhouser

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There was one reason to make RH450: making bass better. There's a dedicated bass team at TC, guys that gig, record, rehearse, live and breathe bass. So when they got a chance to finally do an amp, they built 'the best amp possible' from the ground up.

The result is a compact, powerful amp with a set of features so advanced we like to think of them as Bass Amp 2.0.

  • SpectraComp
  • TubeTone
  • 3 Presets
  • Built-in Bass Tuner

Ultimate Tone Tools

Use the 4-band semi-parametric EQ to sculpt your basic tone. Then apply SpectraComp and/or TubeTone for the finishing touch.

Traditional compressors tend to be controlled by the lower strings only, but with multi-band compression, you get even 'per string' compression.

TubeTone emulates not only a tube preamp, but also the power amp section of a classic tube amp. Shockingly convincing!

Tune Up

Why no one has ever done this before is simply beyond us. Adding an onboard chromaitic tuner makes life so much easier for everyone!

The tuner is always on, and you can check your tuning state at any point. And when you need to tune up between songs, the built-in tuner will get you back and playing in seconds. Crowds just hate to wait!


Different situations call for different tones. Be it a change of bass, a different song/style or a different venue, you need your amp to be instantly flexible and adapt to your needs.

You can store up to 3 different presets so you can handle whatever music might throw at you. Also, the optional RC4 footswitch allows you to instantly control your presets.

Backstage Pass – All Access

Built–in Bass Tuner

The on-board bass tuner is chromatic, and it’s always on. In other words, you can check up on your tuning state at any time – even at a quick glance in the middle of a tune. And tuning up between songs is faster then ever. Crowds just hate waiting!

3 Presets

Do you ever play different basses – or tunes that need unique tones – on the same gig? You can create 3 presets tailored for e.g. a Jazz Bass, a P Bass and an active bass, or it could be for Rock, Slap or Upright bass. It’s all up to you, and you’ll find that swapping basses on the stage is faster than ever!


TubeTone gives you that vintage feel of an all–tube bass amp. Rather than fitting a single tube in the preamp section, we have designed a pristine circuit that emulates not only a tube preamp, but also a complete tube power amp. Add subtle tube warmth or crank it all the way up for dirty drive tone.


Multi–band compression – the musical way to control dynamics. SpectraComp can be subtle or downright aggressive, but either way you get the best bass compressor ever made. Single–band compressors tend to be controlled only by the lower strings, but with SpectraComp you virtually get ‘per string compression’.

Flexible Tone Controls

The EQ section is semi–parametric on all 4 bands. You may never need to use the semi–parametric option, but if you should happen to be at a venue that requires surgical frequency adjustment, just hit the Shift button and define exactly at which frequency each EQ–band should cut or boost.

Late Night Jammin’

If you like jamming late at night, plug in a pair of headphones for a silent session. Keep it grooving, and keep your family and neighbors happy at the same time.

Power Up Anywhere

The ultimate in convenience for the traveling musician. The built–in power supply operates from 90 to 240 Volts, making life a lot easier if you’re on the road as there’s no complicated fuse changing – just plug and play wherever you are!

Effects Loop

Use the Send/Return connectors to hook up external effects. Traditionally, dry/wet effects such as chorus or reverb are used in a Send/Return system, but today there are no rules. If you want to experiment with adding effects like drive or filter modulation ‘on top’ of your clean signal, this is the way to go.

Line Driver

The built–in DI is state–of–the–art. In many cases superior to external DI boxes, so if you need to send a signal to an FOH engineer, try this option first. You can also use it when recording in the studio, taking advantage of the flexible EQ section, SpectraComp and TubeTone.

Plug & Play

Use your iPod, phone, MP3 player or similar to jam along your favorite tracks. Just plug it into the AUX input and you’re ready for a rehearsal session, combining your favorite music with your favorite bass tone!

Cabinet Configurations





Combine any three RS Cabinets

Combine any three K Cabinets








RC4 Perspective

RC4 Remote

Want to switch easily between your presets, or tune up without having to turn around? The RC4 Remote is your solution!

You gain total control right at your feet, and it will also allow you to quicly mute the amp for silent tuning in betweens songs.


  • 450 Watts
  • 4-band Semi-parametric EQ
  • 3 Presets
  • Ultimate Tone Tools
  • TubeTone
  • SpectraComp
  • Chromatic Bass Tuner
  • Rehearsal Input / headphone Out
  • First-grade DI Out


RH450 front panel overview

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Artists Using RH450


Bass Player
by Jonathan Herrera

With the controls set for the flattest response, the RH head was beautifully textured and fast, with warm and supple mids, taut lows, and a mellow top.

Premier Guitar
by Dan Berkowitz

As far as tone, I really discovered the character of the RH450 while A/B’ing with another brand of mini-amp. One note and I was struck with the transparency of that other amp - nearly to the point of sounding sterile. In contrast, the RH450 had a warmth and tonal character that were very pleasant, yet assertive.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar
Music Players
by Scott Kahn

The result of TC Electronic and Tannoy’s design collaboration is nothing short of brilliant — we unequivocally love this bass rig, and if we had the spare cash, we’d make it a permanent fixture in our studio. It offers plenty of volume, great definition and a punchy sound, cool player-friendly features that are rarely found in bass amps, and an easily transportable design that enables you to fit a full-range bass rig within the confines of a tightly-packed club stage… and carry it all back to your car without requiring a team of roadies!

Check out the full review by Music Players
Performing Musician
by David Heap

This is some serious piecs of kit. The clever designs and functions on the amp ensure that no feature is redundant. The rotary LEDs are a little disconcerting to use at first, but for quick visual reference they turn out to be fantastic, as is the onboard tuner, which is such a simple thing to incorporate but is again just so useful for speed of setup and reference.

Check out the full review by Performing Musician (PDF)
No Treble
by Kevin Johnson

Technology is a beautiful thing, and TC Electronic’s RH450 head unit is just another reminder of how sweet it can be. The amp is a solid-state head with a built in multi-band compressor, semi parametric EQ, and tube simulator. It features 450 Watts with a switchmode power supply and Class D power amp. With a handful of cool studio-quality features packed into a very portable housing, this amp is built for the gigging audiophile.

Check out the full review by No Treble


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