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PolyTune® Mini - Tuning Distilled

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Tiny Meets Awesome

PolyTune was a big deal, but so is the space on your board. A small footprint is essential for flexible agile guitarists who have places to go and people to rock. PolyTune Mini is the perfect solution for those (and other) guitarists - revolutionary PolyTune technology meets tiny footprint. Maybe you are looking for the sleek black version? That's right here.


  • Small Footprint
  • PolyTune technology
  • Drop-D and flat tunings

Seriously Small

PolyTune Mini should fit on even the most crowded of pedalboards, but still packs all the innovative technology of its big brother. That means you save precious space due to PolyTune Mini's small footprint and still get access to PolyPhonic tuning, lightning fast response and an ultra-bright display.

Old Skool - Still Cool

You want a chromatic tuner? You got it! PolyTune features MonoPoly a technology that allows PolyTune to detect whether you play one or multiple strings and react lightning by changing to chromatic mode if that's what you need. Our chromatic tuner is second to none when it comes to accuracy and speed.

A Strong Display of Innovation

Guitarists that play gigs, will no doubt recognize the nightmare of an unclear display. Whether it be bright sunlight, an overeager light technician or a stage smoke machine gone bonkers. PolyTune Mini feature an ultra bright LED Matrix guaranteed to be visible in any and all conditions.

Backstage Pass - All Access

PolyTune Mini's features are supercool and squarely aimed at getting in into tune and back to rocking ASAP - check them out below!

Tuning Magnet

The tuner magnet feature slows down the needle once you get close to the desired pitch, making it much easier to get the job done quickly.


MonoPoly is a jaw-dropping new technology that recognizes whether you play one or more strings and instantly replies with the appropriate poly- or monophonic tuning mode.

Total Recall

PolyTune Mini stores your preferences. From pitch reference to tuning mode, it hangs on to this information even after it is powered down, making sure you only have to set how you want things to happen once.

What is the Matrix?

PolyTune Mini features a super dense matrix of LEDS which allow for a super-high resolution and the LEDs themselves are super bright and focused to ensure optimal visibility at all times.

True Bypass

This allows for your carefully sculpted tone to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged.

Chromatic Champ

Besides the Polyphonic tuner, PolyTune has a chromatic tuner that can hang with the best current tuning technology out there, with an amazing 0.5 cent accuracy.

PolyTune: Strum - Tune - Rock!

PolyTune® is the world’s first polyphonic tuner – a multiple patents pending, game-changing total tuning turnaround that allows you to instantly gauge the tuning of all your strings simultaneously and tune up on the fly, ALL strings at once. What else can we say besides: BAM, son!

PolyTune Mini's Resume

  • Ultra-small Footprint - Will Fit on Any Pedal Board
  • PolyTune - Tune All Strings Simultaneously
  • +/- 0.5 Cent Tuning Accuracy
  • True Bypass w/ Silent Tuning
  • Super-bright LED Display
  • Up to 5 Semitones Flat Tunings
  • Drop-D and Capo Tuning


PolyTune® Mini - Tuning Distilled

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Artists Using PolyTune Mini


Guitar World
by Paul Riario

Not too long ago, TC Electronic revolutionized the industry for tuning pedals by introducing one that had a polyphonic mode. Now we have the smallest footprint with PolyTune Mini, which is awesome. It does all the same features minus a few, but now it's in a smaller form and it just works great! The PolyTune Mini is the perfect tuning pedal for a pedal that's already overcrowded with a small footprint and accuracy. Definitely check it out!

Guitar Player
by Michael Molenda

The PolyTune Mini delivers all the glories of the original PolyTune in a size that can fit into a slim sunglass case. (...) The small, but mighty PolyTune Mini is a brilliant choice for players who embrace down-sizing - at least as far as gear is concerned.

Premier Guitar
by Jordan Wagner

TC Electronic has managed to improve on the already impressive PolyTune formula with this diminutive iteration, complete with their newest software all of us have been waiting for. To put it simply, the PolyTune Mini is one of the best tuners on the market, period.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar
Total Guitar
by Stuart Williams

Still with the wouldn't-look-out-of-place-in-the-Apple-Store design, the PolyTune Mini features the same polyphonic tuning as its bigger brother, plus the recently introduced Capo and Drop-D modes.

Check out the full review by Total Guitar
by Trevor Curwen

The Mini does a gallon job in a pint-sized package, offering an ideal way to put a tuner on your board while still leaving plenty of space for the pedals that create your sound.

by Michael Casswell

It's hard to make a review of a tuner interesting, because after all, it is just a tuner. But what a tuner it is! TC rocks, and does so every time. This pedal is absolutely no exception and it's even greater value for money, too!

Check out the full review by iGuitar
Guitar Noize
by Jon Bloomer

this is the coolest tuner on the market today, it will be taking the place of my large Polytune pedal on my board so that I can squeeze my Corona Chorus on there!

Check out the full review by Guitar Noize
Guitar Buyer
by Dan Steinhardt

Our favourite pedal of the NAMM show could well also be the easiest to miss, as the PolyTune Mini is a positively minute little miracle worker. With multi-string tuning and a true bypass, the PolyTune Mini is must have. Now there is really no excuse not to have a quality tuner at hand wherever you are!

by Rich

Everybody needs a tuning pedal, but they'd rather save pedal-board space for their flanger-fuzz-8000, so the Polytune Mini is a great solution for the problem. It's small, but it's bright, you can always see the LEDs clearly on stage, TC got this one right!

Check out the full review by Sonicstate
Lone Phantom
by Stephen Smith

To be able provide a much smaller footprint, and still have the important parts of the original PolyTune at a cheaper price is phenomenal. Anyone that is desperate for pedal board space, but still wants a great tuner should be getting their hands on one of these.

Check out the full review by Lone Phantom
by Bassel el Hallak

Finally a small, rugged, and easy-to-read-in-any-situation tuner that is also polyphonic, drop tunings and capo ready! Highly Recommended!

Check out the full review by Bonedo
by Misha White

Drop-D and capo tunings make the PolyTune Mini a real all-rounder. The bright display allows for fast and accurate tuning even under difficult light conditions.

Check out the full review by Delamar


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