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Peredur ap Gwynedd is a Welsh guitarist, born and raised in South Wales. Ap Gwynedd is mostly known as a member of the Australian rock/electronica band, Pendullum, but he has also performed with acts such as Natalie Imbruglia, Norman Cook, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Mylene Farmer.

Pendulum's guitarist, Peredur ap Gwynedd, explains why TC Electronic's G-System never leaves his side. "It is quite simply the best effects unit!"

Take one look at the high-octane Drum 'n' Bass phenomenon that is Pendulum and you soon realize that this band challenges every rule in the music production handbook. The music that they make defies categorisation, veering as it does from dark Drum 'n' Bass to catchy 'Rock-out' Pop but it is certainly a successful mix. When they played in front of tens of thousands at BBC Radio 1's 'One Big Weekend', headlining with Madonna, surely even they must have pinched themselves and wondered quite how they'd done it. Some of this success can undoubtedly be attributed to the fact they present their Dance sound with heaps of Rock attitude, so a Pendulum gig mixes conventional guitars with DJs, MCs with synths and mighty drums with samples for an unbelievable and unforgettable live experience.

Peredur ap Gwynedd joined Pendulum as guitarist, having previously played for some very high profile acts - including a nine-year stint with Aussie songstress Natalie Imbruglia.

"I've played with all sorts," he says. "I started working with Pendulum in 2004 and played on the first album. And then a couple of years ago they asked me to join full time. Then we got signed to Warners… and the rest is history!"

While the band avoid the traditional software-only route to dance music, they are not afraid to embrace the best of other technology and Peredur has just that with his G-System, TC Electronic's unique and powerful floor-standing effects package that also offers integration and control over your existing guitar effects.

"I've used all sorts of effects in the past," says Peredur, "but a couple of my friends had G-Systems and said that it was the dog's bollocks. I saw the specs and thought, 'yeah that's exactly what I need'. It seemed to do everything and was very sturdy."

His initial conclusions have been proven correct, as the G-System has been at his feet for the band's recent major world tours, proving to be an indispensable addition to Peredur's sound.

"It sounds great and is quite simply the best effects unit," he says. "The versatility is another boon - the fact that you can put your favorite effects and amp sounds into G-System's effects loops and let G-System change the parameters on them is quite an amazing thing."

Peredur then goes on to detail how easily he blends his older pedals and effects into the world of G-System…

"It's fantastic," he begins. "I use it with a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp Mark II. The TriAmp has six different preamp channels and I utilize all six of these with the G-System's effects loops. I also use a Mesa Boogie V-Twin in one of the loops, a Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere - the Leslie Simulator - and a Keeley Modded Tube Screamer."

Peredur clearly knows a good sound, but G-System not only allows him to integrate and control his favorite effects, it also allows him to quickly and easily switch the order of them in the effects chain - something that would previously have taken an age to do.

"It's very straightforward to edit G-System and use the software that comes with it as an effects management system," explains Peredur. "With most effects units it takes a long time and some patience to change the effects order, but with the software that comes bundled with G-System it's made my life so much easier."

"I can chop and change effects within the system at the drop of a hat. Recently we had a massive overhaul in the set list, brought in new songs, changed the order quite dramatically… and it took less than three minutes to change the order of the songs in the G-System."

But Peredur is not only using G-System as a controller - he's also impressed with the unit's onboard effects. "It's an amazing sounding piece of equipment," he says. "The delays are fantastic and the modulation is top notch. I use a smattering of delays to beef up the sound whenever I'm doing a solo or playing a lead line. And at the end of our set I use a patch with infinite repeats, so I'm using it as a sample/hold. It repeats the last phrase I play as we walk off."

Overall, though, it's the fact that G-System has survived life on the road that impresses Peredur the most as he concludes: "One of its best features is how it's built. I've done over 170 gigs with it and it's had its fair share of knocks, drinks have been spilled on it, and a flight case even fell on it, but it still works perfectly!"

Pendulum's third album, Immersion, is due for release in May and the band will be touring around the UK and Ireland to support it.

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