The NonLin2 Stereo Effects Reverb for ProTools is another world class reverb directly ported from the System 6000.

NonLin2 is an effect reverb, which differs from the traditional natural sounding TC reverbs. With NonLin2 in your arsenal you can generate compact vocal ambience, percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and completely new 'twisted' effects. Featuring an amplitude envelope that is capable of rendering an untriggered gated reverb and a 'twist' parameter, which can radically alter the sound, this plug-in delivers a serious advantage over other gated reverbs.

The easy-to-tailor and compact room-feel that this reverb adds to any lead vocal will set your mixes apart. As a producer or studio engineer, you'll be delighted by the creative power that this master tool delivers and it won't be long before you wonder how you coped without it.

The TDM version supports ProTools|HD and ProTools|HD Accel.

System Requirements

System must meet the system requirements for Pro Tools HD from Digidesign.

Mac OS X 10.4.x (PPC or Intel)
Pro Tools 7.3 software and above (including Pro Tools 8)
Pro Tools HD hardware
iLok USB key and Pace Interlok version 5.4.1 (downloadable here).

Windows XP
Pro Tools 7.3 software
Pro Tools HD hardware
iLok USB key and Pace Interlok version 5.4.1 (downloadable here).

Main Features

  • 1:1 port of the original System 6000 algorithm. No emulation, no sampling - the real thing. 
  • It's one of your two favorite drum reverbs - NonLin2 is a very nice complement to the VSS3, and together they make a nice reverb solution that covers a lot of tasks. 
  • Envelope - other gated reverbs need to be triggered, for instance by setting a threshold level. Due to the envelope feature, NonLin2 doesn't have to be triggered and therefore you can work with any type of sound material. NonLin2 is perfect for drums, but any kind of audio material, e.g. vocals, will benefit from the NonLin2. 
  • Reverb with a twist - as the name indicates, the twist feature will add a funky twist effect to the sound - sometimes in very weird ways.  
  • Focus Fields for easy preset tweaking and navigation
  • The TDM version supports ProTools HD and ProTools HD Accell.

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