Vintage Guitar Pedal Native Plug-in Bundle (Official Product Video)

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The SCF pedal was a smash hit when it came out, and its beautiful, rocking sounds continue to define and redefine music to this day.

Used by countless guitar legends, such as John Petrucci of Dream Theatre and Eric Johnson, it is the epitome of modulated awesomeness.

Based on the original circuit diagrams from the late 70s, we've recreated this ultra musical effect as a plug-in - ready to load into your project.

  • Chorus / Pitch Modulation / Flanger modes
  • Legendary sound and tone
  • Perfect AU, AAX and VST recreation of the classic pedal

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The Tones of the Bundle - Take a Sip of the Wet & Dry

Backstage Pass - All Access

Dialling in sounds could not be easier with the Stereo Chorus+ Flanger Native - this thing sounds good, no matter how you tweak it!


This determines the width, the spread of the sound.


From lush slow swirls and beautiful chorusing to fast Leslie-like tones, this knob dials it up in mere seconds.


Switch instantly between lush chorus, sweeping flanging and warbly pitch modulation.


Multifunctional knob that determines the mix in chorus mode, feedback in flange mode and in pitch shifter mode, this knob mixes in an increasing amount of effect.

Input Gain

Set the signal coming into the plug-in to match you guitar perfectly for unparalleled tonal clarity or boost the signal for that extra little oomph.

Stereo Chorus+ Flanger Native's Resume

  • Native DAW plug-in gives you incredible, renowned stereo chorus and flanging
  • True 1:1 software emulation of the original TC STEREO CHORUS+ PITCH MODULATOR & FLANGER guitar pedal 
  • Based on the original schematics: every sound, nuance and detail mapped to perfection
  • Legendary sound - among the first 5 products TC ever made
  • Works with virtually any major DAW for Mac* or PC
  • Supports AAX*, VST* and Audio Units* plug-in formats
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Calling All Tone Chasers - the Chase is Over!

You now have the chance to add 5 of the most sought-after vintage guitar effect pedals to your plug-in collection.

  • 5 vintage pedals as native plug-ins
  • Legendary tone: based on the original circuit diagrams
  • Lots of presets for versatility and variation


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Soren Andersen on Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle

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