• Shaker Vibrato


    Shaker Vibrato Firmware Windows - バージョン 1.0.05 - 727 KB
    リリース日: 2011年11月2日
    + Firmware Update Procedure - Firmware Update Procedure

    The procedure requires a PC or Mac with a standard USB Interface and a 9V/100mA DC power supply.

    Do following steps before you start the firmware update application on your PC or Mac:

    1. Unplug all cables from the pedal.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Connect the pedal to a PC or Mac with the USB cable.
    4. Press and hold the footswitch on the pedal.
    5. Insert a DC plug with 9V/100mA power supply.
    6. Check that the LED on the pedal turns on with green light.
    7. Release the footswitch.

    Now your PC or Mac will recognize the pedal which is ready to receive a new firmware:

    8. Launch the firmware update application.
    9. (STEP1) Select the pedal in the combo box.
    10. (STEP2) Press the update button when it turns green.
    11. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and for the pedal to automatically restart.

    Note: You should select "USB Audio Device", if you use Windows XP.

    Trouble Shooting:
    - Please quit any MIDI related application on your PC or Mac.