The Shriller TonePrint by Bill Kelliher

Bill Kelliher, of hard rock giants Mastodon, has made his very own toneprint, The Shriller. Bill’s toneprint gives you a slightly dissonant, uncanny twist to your Shaker Vibrato.


サウンド・サンプル by Bill Kelliher


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Bill Kelliher TonePrint "The Shriller"

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We sat down with Bill Kelliher to create his toneprint for the Shaker Vibrato. Bill was cool, down-to-earth guy, a breeze to work with. He decided to name his toneprint The Shriller. Bill puts some words on the sound of the Shriller:

“I wanted something eerie. Something like spooky Bassman. It almost gives it a sound like it’s haunted, or it’s under water. It kind of forces dissonant notes. Play something simple and it just makes it sound better, more interesting. There’s some eerie thing around behind it. Still without it being too out of tune, you know, a little tiny bit, just enough to, what’s that guy doing there, it sounds really interesting. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, I’m going to have to write some stuff with that.

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Shaker Vibrato