Beauty & The Beast TonePrint by Rudy Sarzo

Rudy’s willingness to think outside of the box has seen him opt for a fretless bass from time to time, a somewhat unconventional practice in heavy rock, by any standard. Although presenting a broad tonal pallet from which to choose, this tendancy can bring with it its own set of problems, notably that of a marked difference in output level between fretted and fretless instruments. Enter "Beauty & the Beast", a TonePrint painstakingly designed to allow Rudy to play both his fretless (Beauty) and fretted (Beast) basses, without worry of signal loss or drop in output level. It even keeps levels steady when switching between finger and pick playing! So if you're in need of a smooth yet powerful dynamic output across a range of styles and instruments, and you love to bring the noize, then take "Beauty & the Beast" for a spin!

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