What's GuitCon, Precious?

In early October, a new guitar conference happened in Markneukirchen, Germany - the aptly named GuitCon.

A hand-picked crowd of the top guitar YouTubers along with a few selected guitar vendors in a small secluded area with nothing to do except shoot videos with each other, geek out on gear, and jam out next to the open bar.

Naturally, we didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so we sent in our bearded beacon of hope, Tore aka. "Pedal Jesus" to represent TC Electronic at the gathering.

As with any decent symposium, copious amounts of alcohol were consumed and somewhere along the way, Tore managed to persuade almost all the GuitCon attendees to sit down with him and make their own TonePrints.

In fact, we had so much fun that in order to warm up for next year's event, we've dedicated this page to all things GuitCon.

TonePick of the Week

Tom Quayle Presents "Lush Wash" for Flashback 2 Delay

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Tom Quayle's note per second rate is pretty fierce, comfortably up there among the best jazz fusion guitarists the genre has to offer, and is due in part to Tom's natural affinity for legato playing.
With that in mind, we came up with something quite unique when designing Tom's signature delay sound for Flashback 2, entitled "Lush Wash".
In standard operation, you've got a luscious, modulated, almost pad-like delay for providing a rich and beautiful backdrop with chords and arpeggios. Engage the built-in MASH footswitch however, and the delay repeats and modulation back off, giving you a cleaner, tidier palette for bursts of mercurial and note-heavy lead playing.
The result is a dual-purpose delay, perfect for both wide, chordal soundscaping, as well as lightning-fast legato runs.
So if like Tom, you're guilty of "note density" but still wanna rock a mean modulated delay, then this might just be the TonePrint for you!

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More GuitCon Sessions

Trey Xavier (GearGods) "Guardian Blinder" TonePrint for Quintessence Harmony

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Meet the GuitCon Gang