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TC Electronic presents: G-System iB Modified

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A Step Beyond Perfection

Our flagship G-System is rocking on all fronts. Lauded with praise by guitarists and press and making it's way to the biggest stages far and wide. But when we found out legendary tech wizard Massimo Mantovani was performing G-System input buffer mods that proved popular with guitarists we decided to jump aboard this change to shoot G-System into the stratosphere and over the moon!


  • Custom Mantovani-designed buffer-tweak
  • It's a G-System. Nuff said
  • Comes in Angus-approved black

Right from the start, at the start

Without getting super-nerdy, mr. Mantovani essentially changes the input- design and upgrades a number of components, which results in a super- transparent tone with a much snappier response, added punch and optimal tonal transparency.


If you're reading this, chances are you've heard of G-System. If not, then first of all, we're not sure we can help you and second of all: it's the classic integrated effects/control unit that revolutionized the music world. You're welcome.

New paint job

Very cool though black powder coating makes G-System shine like never before.

Pure music in effect

Sure, G-System has a lot of effects and options, but it truly shines in the place that counts most: sounds. We poured all our knowledge but also our hearts and love for music into these sounds and it shows - the dual DSP full 96 KHZ / 24 bit conversion and state-of-art algorithms and processing results in tone that is truly awe-inspiring.

Obey the way you play

Guitarists face unique challenges, and G-System is specifically engineered to solve as many of them as possible. It is designed from the ground up to be what you need it to be, from effects to control. Customize the button lay-out and assignment, do multiple actions with one button press, change the effect routing for just a single preset - you name it, and G-System does what you need to sound your best.

It's OK to see other people

G-System has no drive effects. Why? Cos most guitarists have their favorite distortion/overdrive boxes anyway. So Instead of competing with them, we aimed to integrate them seamlessly, and make them part of G-System via 4 analog loops and even add 9VDC outputs - life can be so easy.

Backstage Pass - All Access

Overwhelming Sounds, overwhelming options

G-System does so much so well, it can be a bit intimidating. But essentially, G-System is the best thing you could do for your playing, sounds and performance and its menus and controls are intuitive and user-friendly.

Filter section

A wide selection of touch– and manually controlled filters from Wah to Formant style sounds and back.


Tight control of dynamics, ranging from a classic squashy compressor to more transparent, open dynamics control.


Full chromatic tuner at your service.


It’s the famous TC chorus, flangers, phasers, trems, vibrato in glorious quality.


Add some wider imaging to your soundscapes, or go all out with whammys, octavers and even 2-part intelligent harmony.


Delay is TC’s turf and all the classic 2290 sounds including dynamic delay can be found here. We added a couple of reverse delays and warbly tape delays and gorgeous tape echoes.


Reverb is synonymous with TC and we’ve included all our famous industry-defining hall, plate, room and spring algorithms and tuned them specifically for guitar.

Can you hear me now?

G-System has a boost button that allows you to add up to 10 dB of clean boost. Great for boosting solos or highlighting parts.

Pre-set for awesome

G-System has a ton of features and it’s factory presets cover a wide range of sounds and needs. But the real fun starts in building things from the ground up with G-System as the center of your rig. You can build presets to sound the control your other gear exactly as you see fit.

Custom layout

The whole idea behind G-System is being the perfect effects processor ... and what’s more perfect than one devised by you? A custom layout sticker allows you to rename knobs and the powerful software allows you to basically assign whatever you want to any button so you end up with exactly what you want, combined with TC effects.

Twist it, baby

G-System uses rotary encoders to scroll through menus and change parameters. A solution thats simple, elegant and incredibly roadworthy - and we’ve made sure that every important parameter is always instantly available.

A change is gon’ come

One of G-System’s best features is that you can make small adjustments like turning effects on or off, but also radical changes like switching effects, amp channels, EQ settings and whatever else you want to program in there - all at the press of a button. We’re talking unparalleled levels of control here.

A stunning display of Display

G-System’s display is neat and tidy and provides you with the essential info at all times, be it the pitch of your guitar, effect type or preset name, it’s all right there in maximum readability.

Is it in yet?

G-System’s guitar input is fantastic. Massimo Mantovano specifically tweaked G-System’s input buffer to deliver the most pristine and cleanest tone out there. The result? Super clean tone with loads of ‘snap’ and great response.

Express yourself at any volume

G-System allows you to control its parameters via inputs for expression- and volume pedals. Whether you want to do crazy whammy pitch bends, subtle changes to the delay mix or atmospheric volume swells, G-System is up for it.

9V DC outputs

Yeah, we noticed most guitarists like using their own overdrive– and distortion pedals, so we added 4 outputs where your coveted vintage babies can draw power. Oh, we won’t get mad if you wanna use another type of pedal either.

USB it to me, baby!

G-System has a USB port. We know that might sound a bit ‘meh’, but we’re doing tons of cool updates to the software and presets and make them available for zilch. Not so jaded now, huh?!


G-System is MIDI enabled, allowing you to control MIDI-enabled amps and external effect units, sync delay tempos etc.

Wide range rock

G-System supports stereo out for the more adventurous guitarists out there. You can now create super wide soundscapes or switch between amps different tones - and of course that’s programmable per preset.

The fifth element

Besides the 4 loops mentioned earlier, there is a 5th loop designed specifically for pre-amp insertion. This allows you to have your effects in the right place in the signal chain: filters and compression before your distortion and the pitch, modulation, delay and reverb effects after.

Noise Gate

Clamping down with precision and flair, this gate is more than up for anything you throw at it.

Check out the brain on G!

G-system’s brain is a 19” inch rack unit mounted under the pedalboard and the cool part is that you can put it in a rack if you are so inclined. Just one ethernet cable is all G-System needs to keep both power and communications smooth and flawless.

G-System iB Modified's Resume

  • TC's best-of-the-best effects right at your feet
  • Up to 9 effects simultaneously
  • Fast and smooth preset changes featuring delay spill-overs
  • 4 switchable mono-loops for your favorite effect pedals
  • 1 additional loop/insert point dedicated for preamps
  • 4 x 9V DC outlets powering your effect pedals
  • USB connection for software updates
  • Ultimate flexibility as the board can be separated allowing you to place the GFX01 with loops etc.
    in a 19" rack while leaving the control board on the floor
  • MIDI for control of additional external MIDI units
  • Connections for 2 Expression pedals


Massimo Mantovani about G-System iB Modified

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Artists Using G-System iB Modified