A True Legend of Rock That's Second to None

Orianthi shows off some of her amazing guitar tones!

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Legends aren't born, they are built. They prove themselves, time and time again, from Ginormodome stages to shoddy pub gigs with millions of guitarists delivering tone and performance like few other units have been able to do. Meet G-Force, the pinnacle of rack units with the milage to prove that quality simply does not fade.


  • 9 top-of-the-line effects
  • Super flexible, ultimate external control
  • The legendary multi FX road tested by countless pros around the world

Best of the Best

TC Electronic is synonymous with some of the best effects out there in the music industry, and if there is one rack unit worthy of being called 'the best', G-Force is it. State-of-the-art DSP technology and 24 bit resolution gives you massive memory, high-speed processing and the best sound quality, but the coolest thing we can tell you about G-Force: it's simply the best at what it does.

Full Control So You Can Let Go

G-Force allows guitarists to use it as they see fit, not some predetermined path you simply must follow. From full preset-changes to simple effect on/off, a complete I/O setup and full control over parameters, G-Force is never what you expect but always what you need.

Set To Rock

G-Force was built with guitarists in mind and over the years, it has proven itself as the unit the pros rely on. Countless gigs, stadium tours, studio hours and high level recording sessions later, G-Force has truly turned into the classic it was destined to be.

Backstage Pass - All Access

G-Force really needs no introduction to guitarists, but it sure deserves one! From the sounds to the controls, this unit proves it is a sure-fire solution for whatever ails your tone, flexibility or performance.

Display & Tuner

The display consists of two sections. One for detailed Preset information and editing. The other section clearly displays Preset Number or Tuner information with large digits that are easy to see even on distance (picture you rocking out on stage). And though G-Force has been around the block once or twice, it never ceases to amaze us what crazy things guitarists write on the rolling display. :-)


245 presets await to receive your customized versions of the sounds found in G-Force as well as a bunch of exciting presets made by some of the best session guitarists out there.

The Perfect Match

G-Force is the perfect companion for guitarists, regardless of playing style or needs. Super sensitive metering keeps you in control of levels and output - in fact so much that many guitarists using G-Force have opted to use it in an effects loop and use the ‘out’ as a master volume control.

Tap Tempo

All tempo-related effects can be set to respond to a tapped tempo. Either from the G-Force front panel or from a MIDI pedal or even a momentary switch connected to the Pedal Input on the G-Force rear panel. This allows the Tempo of fx your delays to be perfectly matched to the song you are currently playing.


From a super fast navigation through menus, ultra-detailed control over parameters and tons of options for external control from MIDI to expression pedals, G-Force has it all.


Very often the signal chain from guitar to Wah into a preamp creates more hiss and noise than can be handled without a well-placed effective Noise Gate. Once adjusted to your individual presets the G-Force Noise Gate will be a tool you wouldn’t want to be without.


The compressor in G-Force is super flexible and goes from a subtle control of your dynamics to a nice, twangy country ‘squash’ to notes that sustain to infinity and anything in between. Smooth out rhythm playing, tighten up tones make your playing awesome across the board.


The filter block houses a tasty Wah section with tons of variations that are sure to get you both the classic ‘Cry Baby’ sounds and twisted variants!


This block is used for ‘tremolo’-like effects. Though it’s basically nothing more than turning the level of your signal up and down, the patterns in which it does this are super musical and inspiring.


The Pitch shifter on G-Force sounds amazing, spans multiple voices and octaves, tracks and is very musical.


With different tap presets, audio tapping and full control over parameters, these delay sounds are sure to please everyone. A sweet delay spillover and access to the Dynamic Delay as found on the 2209 completes this great effect block.


The Drive section is an excellent tool for coloring your effects. E.g. place a Drive block after the Delay section and you can add some vintage grit to the Echo trails leaving the direct signal unaffected.


Full control over the LFO curve and the LFO phase and a ‘Golden ratio’ which ensures an optimal balance between speed and depth ratings. Sound nerdy? Just know it’ll rock your world and create ultra-lush shounds and magnificent ‘woosh’.


Our reverbs are really, really good and this is no exception. It features a ‘preset’ mode where you get your Room, Club, Hall, Church, Cathedral, Grand Hall, Fast Decay, Slow Decay, Plate and Spring sounds as you expect, but you can also enter tweaker’s paradise and customize all parameters.

Parametric EQ

Whether you are fine-tuning your tone or radically altering your sound, G-Force allows you to shape your tone as you see fit with surgical precision and fantastic results.

G-Force's Resume

  • 9 effect blocks
  • 24-bit stereo effects (8x simultaneously)
  • Integrated tuner
  • 10 User Banks
  • 100 presets can be stored on optional PCMCIA card.
G-Force used by award winning producer

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Artists Using G-Force


Sound On Sound
by Paul White

The G Force's operating system is excellent, so trips to the manual cupboard should be infrequent, and the sonic quality of the effects is beyond reproach. (...) Using the G Force's modulation capabilities to create effects that morph or shift over time, are quite inspirational.

Check out the full review by Sound On Sound
by Scott Kahn

When it comes to sound quality, the G-Force is a processor to be reckoned with. Featuring the classic TC Electronic golden-ratio chorus, intelligent pitch shifting, and dynamic digital delays, if your tone isn’t gorgeous sounding through this unit, you just don’t have it dialed into your rig properly.

Check out the full review by
DV Magazine
by Marc Noel-Johnson

The quality of the effects is undoubtedly world-class and there enough presets that already have ready-to- go sounds that once the editing screens are familiar, it will only take a minor amount of tweaking time to assemble a library of essential patches. Ignoring the extensive features for a second, the quality of the sounds alone deems the TC Electronic G-Force best in show.

Check out the full review by DV Magazine

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