Bichon Frise TonePrint by Phil Campbell

This delay is relatively short, which is a sound Phil likes to use on some leads. In his words: “It’s not too long, not too short - it’s just right!”. We think you’ll love this delay for classic rock solos that need a bit of air and vibe to them but need to stay tight.

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Phil Campbell creates his Flashback Delay TonePrint

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We met with Phil Campbell in France before Motörhead decimated the Zenith venue that night. Phil was in good mood: "Things are going well, it's fun, fans love it and we'll wrap this up to start working on the next album. That's what Motörhead does: we play as much as we can and keep on rocking." Phil was very much into getting tones that work in a rock context, but would also appeal to a broad range of guitarists. That's what we worked on with him, and we think these tones came out absolutely smashing!

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Flashback Triple Delay