Dotted Eighths TonePrint by Guthrie Govan

This TonePrint is designed with a single purpose in mind: Performing the dodded eighths delay trick. In Guthrie Govan’s own words, this means that “whatever you play, you get one repeat and no more, at the same output level of the node you fed into the delay - you play eighth nodes, and the delays come in between, creating the illusion that you are playing twice as fast as you really are.”


Sound examples by Guthrie Govan

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Guthrie Govan demos his "Dotted Eight" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay pedal

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Guthrie chose to base this TonePrint on the TC 2290-algorithm that for many is synonymous with great sounding dodded eighth delay sounds. At the same time, he narrowed the range of the Time-knob down, so that there’s a practical upper and lower limit for the delay time. This means that totally unrealistic tempos (eg. 240 bpm) are not selectable – in return you get a far less sensitive and far more precise Time-knob.

When paired with a little volume-control magic, this TonePrint is truly astonishing.

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