The Curse Delay TonePrint by Jona Weinhofen

Though Jona plays in super heavy band Bring Me The Horizon, not all of his sounds bring 'teh br0otalz' - he likes to mix things up a bit and this TonePrint is a perfect example of his versatility. Jona wanted a bread- and butter delay that sounded great but had a set amount of repeats that match Bring Me The Horizons' song 'Blessed With A Curse'. He wanted the delay sounds to taper off fairly quickly so there is 'room' for the next note played. The result is an airy, spacious vibe that is both pleasing and musical. Jona requested an organic sound with just a hint of filtering to keep the layer of ambience subtle yet pronounced.

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Jona Weinhofen Flashback Delay TonePrint

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We met up with Jona at Raw Power Management (a home Jonas' band Bring Me The Horizon shares with Iron Maiden)- and we find Jona in a good mood: "I'm stoked to be doing these TonePrints. I've always been a fan of your effects and to create my sounds I've used a lot of your gear, normally things based around reverb and delay. So I am very proud that I can do my own signature version of these sounds and use them at gigs and in the studio. It helps to have great sounds in a compact little pedal as opposed to a gigantic rack unit."

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Flashback Delay