Slap Delay TonePrint by Joe Perry

When you think Joe Perry delay sounds, most people think of the reverse delay as heard on 'Taste Of India (from 1997's Nine Lives). But, Joe got inspired while playing the with Flashback pedal and went for a classic slapback that shows Joe's love for country style guitarists.

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When we met Trace Foster, long-time guitar tech of Joe Perry, he was excited to see us. “Man, I’ve been looking forward to this!” he laughed, and continued: “I just love all of Joe’s sounds so much - at one point in my life, when I was a kid, I actually wanted to be Joe! Both him and I loved the TonePrint concept and completely fell in love with the results. Sometimes, when you hear a lot of different gear all the time, you can get a bit jaded, but this stuff sounds amazing and kinda stops you in your tracks - so gimme those pedals and let’s get to dialing in sounds!”

And dial they did. Over the course of the next two weeks, Joe Perry and Trace diligently worked away and meticulously re-created sounds Joe loves and has used on those countless albums with Aerosmith and his solo stuff (like the awesome “Have Guitar, Will Travel” from 2009).

Messages trickled in from Trace during the TonePrint process, ranging from: “tweaking is going great” to “the sounds we’re getting are really inspiring!” and when the dust settled we were left with five amazing sounding TonePrints from one of rock’s most iconic guitarists.

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Flashback Delay