The Howling Wolf TonePrint by Phil Demmel

As the fast-shredding lead guitarist of Machine Head, Phil Demmel is responsible for more than his share of thrill-inducing solos, to set souls alight. And so it is only fitting that he has created a TonePrint especially for guitar solos! The seasoned guitar player sure knows what he’s looking for in the delay department. He wants it a bit chorusy, fairly wet and saturated. Seeing as he plays a lot of muted run type stuff, he needs his tone to be well defined, but with added ambiance to the sound. As a loving tribute to his son, Wolf, Demmel has chosen to name his TonePrint "The Howling Wolf". It’s a smoldering, dark and round sounding delay with some added drive for that warm sound of tape echo saturation. With a little modulation added to the mix for some extra shimmer, you are all set to go and hit that high peak note that carries through and through. “It’s a solo,” says Demmel, “It’s supposed to shine.”

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Phil Demmel [Machine Head] presents "Howling Wolf" TonePrint for Flashback Delay

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