Aurora TonePrint by John Petrucci

One of the things we all love about clean tube amps is the clarity and definition of their low-end response. This TonePrint is meant to pull those exact qualities out and make them even more pronounced - without getting in the way. To achieve this John Petrucci came up with a trick that Tore hadn’t tried before with a TonePrint (and he has done hundreds of them): Backing off the low end of the repeats! There is also some ducking on the effect and a little bit of modulation going on at the same time. If you strum a chord and hold it, you can hear how the delays are building up and gradually interacting with each other. "Something like 'Pull Me Under' totally has that vibe", John Petrucci commented. "The delays just kind of float over the top."

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John Petrucci uses his "Aurora" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay

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