Delay TonePrint by Soren Andersen

Three settings in one TonePrint! That's the result of Soren Andersen's creative take on a Flashback Delay TonePrint. By the turn of a knob his TonePrint takes you from an analog-like delay, to a slap echo, and a big ambience delay.


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Søren Andersen creates a Flashback Delay TonePrint

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Soren Andersen was destined to become a musician. He grew up in a home stuffed with musical instruments, and at age 8, he picked up the guitar – he never let go! Right after grade school, Søren headed out for a career as a professional musician, and that’s all he's been doing ever since. Today, he tours with Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Mike Tramp (White Lion). Further, he has built up quite a reputation as a producer, and he is a co-owner of the ‘Medley’ studio in Copenhagen where he has played with and/or produced for e.g. Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Straitjackets, etc.), Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, etc.), Artillery, Oliver Weers and Jay Nash.

Soren grew up with the 70's classic rock as his main influence, but because he was a teenager in the 80's, he is also influenced by many synthpop bands as well as the 90’s grunge and its mix of classic rock and pop songs. Soren is an open-minded musician/producer/songwriter with ears for many kinds of music.

Soren has been touring as a guitar player for over 20 years now, and has played huge clubs, small cafés, open air festivals and TV shows all around the world. He does a lot of international clinics for different gear companies as well, as he cares a lot about sound. Songwriting is also a big part of Sorens musical life. He writes songs for his own recordings, as well as for other artists..

Sorens Flashback Delay TonePrint Soren usually has 3-4 delay presets in his setup. His Flashback TonePrint reflects this and Soren is able to get three distictlively different sounds from just one TonePrint! By the turn of a knob his TonePrint takes you from an analog delay type over slap-back echo to a big ambience delay. Soren likes an analog 70’s delay, with a 300 milliseconds of delay time. For slap-back delay Soren prefers a fast delay time with only one percent of feeback. This gives a Jimmy Page like sound that is excellent for riffs. If you turn off the feedback time to max you can get a ray gun effect. His ‘big’ delay for big rhythm parts and an 80’s type lead sounds, sports 800 milliseconds of delay time with a little bit of modulation. All his settings on the pedal has a 20 ms off-set in stereo mode for a really wide sound. In fact this Toneprint is a direct replica of Soren’s favorite settings on his G-System.

TC: Who inspired you over the years when you were creating your own personal guitar tone? Soren: Early Gary Moore, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen and Richie Blackmore. Thoose are my top five heroes in random order.

TC: What are the main ingredients in your tone in terms of effects (e.g. chorus, flanger, delay, etc.)? Soren: Sometimes very fast chorus and very wide and slow flangers. Then I'm very happy about modulated analogue sounding delays. Dark and fluttering. If I use reverb, I use emulated springs very wet.

TC: Have you ever been so inspired by a tone you created that you ended up writing a tune based on ideas triggered by that specific tone? Soren: Yes! Happens all the time!

TC: Do you work on developing your tone continuously, or do you feel that you have found a fundamental tone that will last throughout your career? Soren: I think I found my tone by now...

TC: What inspired you when you created your TonePrint(s)? Soren: I normally play with presets, so I tweaked the pedals to work as a 3-preset box. By that, you can get 3 different tones very fast.

TC: Normally, do you prefer having access to many parameters, or do you like simple pedals with just a few knobs better? Soren: I'm a nerd! And I'm a studioguy as well, so yes, I really like fooling around with effects.

TC: In your opinion, what is the single coolest thing about TonePrints? Soren: The new app!!! So cool...

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