House Burning Down TonePrint by Mika Vandborg

Its name is not an omen of what would happen, should this effect inspire you to play your amp for 144 hours straight. It is instead a reference to the-one-and-only Jimi Hendrix. Not his on-stage pyro-incident, but the song “House Burning Down”. With the neat tri-chorus added to its repeats this Delay-TonePrint is guaranteed to ignite your playing.

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Mika Vandborg (Electric Guitars) demoes his "House Burning Down" TonePrint (DK Version)

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When Mika Vandborg meet up with us at 4Sound Music Store in Copenhagen one morning in late 2013, he arrived with style. Not on a Harley Davidson, or in a veteran muscle car, but on his bike – with an original Fender 1957 Stratocaster on his back! Besides from having an exquisite taste in musical gear, Mika Vandborg is a talented musician and highly sought-after session guitarist who we are indeed very pleased to call a longtime member of the TC family. Mika has used TC gear ever since 2290 (referring to the famous delay-processor, people, not a distant future) all the way up to the TonePrint pedals. He says that the Hall Of Fame Reverb, the Flashback Delay and the Shaker Vibrato never leave his main pedal board. We take that as a compliment.

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