The Bandolier TonePrint by Jason Hook

Isn’t it a great feeling when you play a gig, and you know that your band-mates have your back? If you hit an off-scale note in your otherwise freakin’ sweaty solo, they’ll help cover it up. They’ll even help you back onto your feet if you get stuck in a weird rock-god posture. What? Sounds unlikely? Yeah, you’re probably right - what kind of idiot plays an off-scale note in his solo? Anyways, this TonePrint is a technological equivalent to your loyal band-mates. It’s designed so that the delays will stay out of the way when you play fast solo passages, but instantly kick back in when you play slower passages. In short; it’s got your back!


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Jason Hook (5 Finger Death Punch) - "The Bandolier" TonePrint Download

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This TonePrint is a dynamic digital delay with a little less ducking effect than found in the standard Dynamic-setting of the Flashback pedals.

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