IMPACT Vibrato Delay TonePrint by Ishibashi

This Vibrato Delay is designed for guitarists who prefer an 'edgy' vibrato behind their dry sound according to the strength of their picking. Misawa carefully chose the speed and depth of this vibrato to make it musically useable, meaning not too outrageous, but wacky enough to be something special. This TonePrint goes well with a clean sound.


Sound examples by Soren Andersen

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Masami Yazawa, Manager of Sales Department, is very excited about this TonePrint project: "TC Electronic has always been a very respected brand, and its sound quality is certainly one of the best in the market. We are fully committed to their strategy of introducing better sound to beginners, and we are very happy to be collaborating with TC on such a unique project."

Ishibashi has chosen one of the very talented, young guitar players, Masahiro Misawa, to do the actual TonePrint session as well as creating demo tracks for the TonePrint sounds.

Interview with Masahiro Misawa

TC: I hope you enjoyed creating your own signature sounds today. Misawa: Definitely! I personally own Stereo Chorus Flanger, Nova Delay and Nova Modulator, and I always loved how great TC pedals sound. I'm sure it all depends on every guitar players tastes and styles, but I think everyone should at least experience how they sound like with real amps set to reasonable amount of output level, because that's when you hear the difference. But I guess for some people TC looks a bit complicated, expensive.. a little too high of a standard to just grab and try out. I was amazed how these TonePrint pedals also adhere TC sound quality.

TC: Yes, looking back at TC's history, products like TC2290 and G-Force are mostly used by high-profile guitar players around the world. When our development department came up with the concept of the TonePrint series, their first priority was to not sacrifice sound quality, but at the same time making them simple to use. The TonePrint feature allows these pedals to provide lasting enjoyment by offering new tones continuously. Misawa: Yeah, this TonePrint feature instantly lets users play with good sound without having to tweak the knobs for too long, and at the same time enjoy customizations by downloading various artists' signature sound to play around with. Now we don't have to spend too much time and money trying to look for the perfect pedals any more.

TC: We thought experimenting with various pedals is also part of the fun, so we kind of kept it this way. Misawa: I was surprised how completely different these pedals can sound by in-depth editing via the software. There are just so many parameters to play with!

TC: Were there enough of them to reach your tonal goals? Misawa: I had some ideas about how I wanted this TonePrint to sound on my track, and at the same time I wanted to make it as original as possible... You know, there aren't many chances in your life where you can build your own pedal sound with one of your favorite manufacturers, so I wanted to do as much editing as possible, but the numbers of parameters were just beyond my expectations!

TC: We really liked the way you worked towards specific modulations, also by creative parameter assignment, and we are very happy to see such a great custom-sounding version of our pedal. Thank you very much for your time today.

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